Program Overview

The Cellular, Molecular and Biochemical Sciences Program (CMBP) is a new and unique graduate training opportunity at Ohio State University. This program includes faculty and trainees from five related molecular life sciences graduate programs: Biophysics, Microbiology, Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology, Molecular Genetics, and the Ohio State Biochemistry Program. The goal of the CMBP is to create new opportunities for student training. During orientation week, students are assigned a faculty and peer mentor. Monthly research meetings, annual symposia, career workshops, ethics training, CMBP-specific courses, optional internship programs, and career monitoring are other important components of the program. A scientific writing workshop specifically developed for this program is also offered to all trainees. CMBP is designed to attract top students to OSU, and the breadth and depth of the training provided will position CMBP graduates to make significant contributions to biomedical research in academia, government, and industry.