Helen Chamberlin

Helen  Chamberlin

Helen Chamberlin

Professor, Dept. of Molecular Genetics



903 Biological Sciences Building
484 W 12th Ave
Columbus OH,

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Areas of Expertise

  • Cell Signaling
  • Cell Fate Specification
  • Evolution of Development


  • 1994 - Ph.D., California Institute of Technology, Biology

Current research topics:
Our group studies gene regulation and gene regulatory networks during animal development.  The main goal is to better understand how cells in an organism adopt fates that are different from each other, but also how they coordinate their development to produce complex organ structures.  This research is important to understand normal developmental processes, but also to understand how development can be disrupted, resulting in birth defects, or in cancer.

Five Publications:

Stigler, B. and Chamberlin, H.M.  (2012) A regulatory network modeled from wild-type gene expression data guides functional predictions in Caenorhabditis elegans development.  BMC systems biology, 6, 77.

Li, X., Johnson, R.W., Park, D., Chin-Sang, I., and Chamberlin, H.M. (2012) Somatic gonad sheath cells and Eph receptor signaling promote germ-cell death in C. elegans.  Cell Death and Differentiation, 19, 1080-1089.

Ulm, E.A., Sleiman, S.F., and Chamberlin, H.M. (2011) Developmental functions for the Caenorhabditis elegans Sp protein SPTF-3. Mechanisms of Development, 128, 428-441.

Armstrong, K.R. and Chamberlin, H.M.  (2010) Coordinate regulation of gene expression in the C. elegans excretory cell by the POU domain protein CEH-6. Molecular Genetics and Genomics, 283, 73-87.

Li, X., Kulkarni, R.P., Hill, R.J., and Chamberlin, H.M.  (2009) HOM-C genes, Wnt signaling and axial patterning in the C. elegans posterior ventral epidermis. Developmental Biology, 332, 156-165.

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